Soak up sunny days with these fresh new

Tribal x Tropical Rashvests & Boardies!

Custom Polynesian inspired designs and scorching hot tribal tattoos, each with their own symbolic meaning, include the ‘honu’ (turtle), ‘mano’ (shark) and ‘hahalua’ (manta ray), all courtesy of Horsley Bros.


Create your own tropical paradise with blue skies, clear waters, sandy beaches, lush greenery and your very own Limited Edition rashvest and boardies… perfect for a summer’s day or your next family holiday.

Designed and made in Durban.
With love from Toots xoxo

Hahalua Rashvest


Mano Rashvest


Honu Rashvest


Te Fiti Boardies


Motu Nui Boardies


Maui Boardies


Mahalo Boardies


More About Horsley Bros

Horsley Bros promises stylish and practical limited edition swimwear, sleepwear and casual apparel.

Horsley Bros is a new clothing brand just for boys! Boys’ clothing ranges can be so frustrating at times with not being able to find what you need throughout the seasons of the year.

Living in Durban, on the warm East Coast of South Africa, it is a constant struggle to find shorts in winter and winter pyjama’s that aren’t manufactured from thick fleece.  It’s no wonder the duvets get kicked off during the night!

The Horsley Bros clothing brand will be crafted with quality trimmings and ‘one-of-a-kind’ custom designs for boys ranging from 1 year olds to 10 year olds.

“And just like the little Horsley brothers, the Horsley Bros clothing brand will offer little works of art… thoughtful designs made with love.”