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Horsley Bros is a new clothing brand just for boys!

Boys’ clothing ranges can be so frustrating at times with not being able to find what I need for my boys throughout the seasons of the year.  Living in Durban, on the warm East Coast of South Africa, I constantly struggle to find shorts in winter and winter pj’s that aren’t manufactured from thick fleece.  It’s no wonder the duvets get kicked off during the night!

Inspired by my eldest son; with his mature soul, happy personality and colourful outlook of the world around him, the Horsley Bros clothing brand is crafted with quality trimmings and ‘one-of-a-kind’ custom designs. And just like the little Horsley brothers, Horsley Bros clothing brand will offer little works of art… thoughtful designs made with love.

Horsley Bros promises stylish and practical limited edition swimwear, sleepwear and casual apparel.

As I prepared for my own babies, I found that mature styles with great design appealed to me. Whilst searching local stores in South Africa, I struggled to find distinct products which matched my style preferences.  This creative deficit set my brain spinning with so many ideas… but the trick was to source them all!

With my youngest, Max in mind and European inspiration from my Scottish heritage, Babydear was a no-brainer and I’m excited to soon introduce exceptional Babydear products; perfect baby shower gifts for moms-to-be or simply to kit your baby’s nursery out.

Expected soon!