Growing up as the youngest sibling of four, the only girl in a family with three elder brothers, I was always considered just another one of the boys. My childhood was littered with a fair share of bruises and grazes resulting from overzealous rugby tackles, enthusiastic soccer slides and dry-grass cricket dives. I also loved riding bikes, wrestling and skating… and I always played the villain.

Admittedly, I was a bit of a “tomboy” – I detested the wearing of dresses or skirts of any kind, I definitely didn’t “do” the traditional girl’s ballet and the only dolls I would ever consider playing with were my Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kid, Gabby.

I was indeed just one of the boys and would rather run around barefoot and shirtless, sporting the shortest of schoolboy haircuts, as opposed to dressing up pretty and “playing house”. My brothers also made it quite clear that I was not allowed to tittle-tale or cry, the consequences for such a show of weakness would be the immediate “kicking off the team”.  I’m pretty sure I was also blamed for numerous broken windows because my brothers knew that my dad would go easy on me. Despite all this, it was my youngest of brothers who gave me my endearing nickname, Toots, which to this day my family still calls me.

Fast forward to the night I met my beloved husband, Kent.

The boys were super protective of their little sister… especially when she began dating a bouncer!  Out came the softball bat… and the gloves were off so to speak. My brothers soon realized though that this ‘bouncer’ wasn’t going anywhere and he was certainly not intimidated by them! Kent would go on to become the person to love and protect me, my person who will take care of me for the rest of my days.

It was only fitting that we would be blessed with two amazing boys, Zack and Max. Zack is cautious, but brave, with a fantastic sense of humour; and a bit of a dark side. He’s very creative, thoughtful, happy and his world is full of colour! Max on the other hand, is a fearless little rascal. Always with a “ball” in one hand, a “bat” in the other and he can often be found climbing something he really shouldn’t be climbing – constantly grabbing our attention with his “love bites” and hair-pulling. (We’re hoping he’ll outgrow this behaviour before we send him to school though!)

The epiphany…

Ideas would come to me whilst battling the weight of my heavy eyelids during those late night and early morning breastfeeding hours. This cumulation of continuous sleep deprivation led me to the realization that I must make notes of my ideas. I decided to start with creating Pinterest boards to assist me with visualising my thoughts and keeping up with new trends… how great would it be if I could start my very own brand and sell to the public directly from an online store! Finally I took a leap of calculated faith and setup of a short Powerpoint presentation outlining my master plan… and voila… was born!

The idea being an online gift boutique where you can find exclusive gifts for loved ones.

Happy shopping – I trust you’ll love it!  Check out our products available to shop now!