T-lab’s philosophy is to warm people’s hearts, and they definitely do this with their amazing handmade woodworks!

T-Lab produces exquisitely detailed wooden carvings of animals with each piece individually hand-made by experienced artisans in Bali.  The wood used for the range is the fast growing tropical tree Albizia to ensure eco-sustainability.  To further support the environment, T-Lab also re-forests plantations in order to repay the earth for its bounty.

The animals are first cut roughly from solid wooden boards then slowly oven-dried.  Once completely dry, skilled artisans intricately carve out the final shape, polish with sand paper and hand paint each animal.  You will notice that each animal is very light and almost soft to touch with its own characteristics to make it extra special.  Pole Pole meaning “slowly” in Swahili, these animals have been created with care from their ears to the tips of their tails for you to treasure.  Please enjoy these heart-warming animals, after all, the one that you hold in your hands is the only one in the world quite like it.

These little works of art include farm animals, wild animals, domestic animals and dinosaurs.

And now, you can buy your favourites right here: T-lab