These are the Horsley boys, brothers Max and Zack… the perfect inspiration for my boys’ clothing brand!

Zack is cautious, but brave, with a fantastic sense of humour, and a bit of a dark side. He’s very creative, thoughtful, happy and his world is full of colour!

Max on the other hand, is a fearless little rascal. Always with a “ball” in one hand, a “bat” in the other and climbing something he shouldn’t be – constantly grabbing our attention with his “love bites” and hair-pulling. (We’re hoping he’ll outgrow this behaviour before we send him to school!)

From Horsley Bros, you can look forward to stylish and practical, custom made, limited edition swimwear, sleepwear and casual apparel.  But for now you’re welcome to shop our very first collection right here:  Tribal x Tropical